We were convinced we were having a boy. We wanted a boy. We constantly thought about a boy. We were already calling him Jack.

Tuesday, we found out we’re having a girl.

I couldn’t be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that our little baby has a gender and a name, I have never been more excited. I want to meet her immediately. I want to hold her, cover her with kisses and make her giggle uncontrollably. We are having a little GIRL!!!

Our blue-room plans have changed to pink. Jack has turned to Kate. Visions of trucks and leggos have turned into baby dolls and ribbons. I’ll take her shopping, braid her hair and paint her nails. We’ll read stories of princesses and watch the Little Mermaid. Awww… the joy of girls.

I can already see Andrew’s heart melting. Oh little Kate is going to have him wrapped around her finger in a heartbeat!

And here she is! Our little Kate…

8 thoughts on “Kate.

  1. chris g says:

    Oh my goodness! A girl!! What are you going to do with a girl!!!! I know, I know hug her and squeeze her and love her to pieces! We are so excited for you! If she’s cute enough, maybe we can have her betrothed to Jadon? JK!!!;))

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