I feel like a new person since I gave life to a new little girl, thus, a new post.

There is nothing like being a mother. I’m 5 weeks into this thing called motherhood; there is no turning back.

It is hard to put into words the life that this little life has breathed into me. She is an absolute miracle. From her tiny fingers to her perfect ears to her chubby belly, I couldn’t be more in love. She melts me.

She can’t survive without us. She is completely helpless, relying on us to provide her every need.

We feed her. We bathe her. We change her diaper. We clothe her. We sing to her. We take her on walks. We look into her eyes and try to make her smile.

There are times when her cries demand our attention. Other times, her cries are a need for rest and we let her work it out until she falls asleep.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s true. Being a parent reflects back the heart of our Heavenly Father more than anything.

He feeds me from His Word. He changes my dirty diapers called sin and bathes me clean with His mercy. He clothes me in righteousness. He sings over me every night. He takes my hand and walks with me through every circumstance. And He’s always trying to catch my attention and make me smile.  Sometimes God answers my cries immediately. Sometimes He lets me work it out.

And like Kate, I don’t thank Him for His sustenance, His forgiveness, His redemption in me, His comfort or His guidance. And many times I’m too distracted by  other things and forget to hold his gaze and smile. I get mad when my cry goes unanswered until I realize He just wants to give me rest.

It’s all too familiar isn’t it?

And the same way I feel toward Kate despite it all is the same way my Father feels about me.

What a glimpse this thing called parenthood gives us into the heart of our Heavenly Father.

4 thoughts on “Compelled.

  1. J Dub says:

    Wow. Great post.

    I always enjoyed Pastor Dan’s Christmas message, where he’d bring up his latest kid (there always seemed to be a new one every year) and make this same analogy. I had never really thought about it like that until I heard him make the comparison, but I’m sure it really hits home when you have your own little one.

    We’re about to find out. 🙂

  2. kaceyleigh says:

    very wise indeed! thanks for sharing your thoughts. i really love the comparison of our kicking & screaming to a baby’s fitful cries at nap/bed time. although it’s tough and i loathe the times that God keeps me in such a place…i am always thankful afterwards. and keeping that perspective seems like it would make it a lot easier to let baby “cry it out”, etc.
    i am so grateful for the knowledge that we’re gaining from y’all already! thanks.

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