Good News

During my quiet time yesterday, I felt God stirring my heart to share the Gospel with someone that’s been on my mind for months. I asked the Lord to give me the words and the moment to share His good news. And then I stopped. Those two simple words rang in my head… Good…. News. And I had to ask myself this question, “What is the good news?” For the first time (I’m ashamed to say), I set out to answer this question for myself. What does the Gospel really look like? If someone asked me point blank why they should follow Jesus, what would my answer be? I sat and thought for a while and out came my unorganized clutter of words  as an attempt to describe the amazing good news that Jesus offers.

It’s not just safety from hell. It’s a relationship with our Creator that fills every void of purpose in our life. It’s restoration of life past, freedom to live now and a joyful expectation of a forever with our Father. It’s the removal of our sin, the ugliness inside of us we can’t escape on our own. It’s the opportunity to trust fully: without fear, without disappointment. It’s the unconditional, full, complete love our hearts have always longed for. It’s Truth opening our eyes to see everything is about Him and not us. There is such release in that. Every longing, every desire, every failure, every success, every heartbreak, every joy, every fear, every ounce of feeling we’ve ever experienced finds its source and purpose in Jesus. We are satisfied fully in Him alone. He makes our lack whole.

There is so much more. That’s a pitiful attempt to package the sweet good news our Savior offers.

6 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Pops says:

    Very good post. The plan of salvation makes perfect sense to me (now). I mentioned that to an atheist in a chatroom the other day and he completely disagreed. He said it made no sense to him. I knew where he is coming from because I have been exactly where he is. The biggest difference between him and me is that I reached a point when I had to investigate this inkling, this deep inner voice that was telling me there had to be something more to this life. So the “good news” for me is that I’m not where I was. God’s grace opened a whole new world to me when I asked Him to show me. I think we all feel like there’s something more. That might be a good place to start to share your good news with your friend. I bet she/he already senses there’s something different about you. If you want to share, it’s because God wants you to share. He’ll provide the time and place, so relax, it’s up to Him. Hey, there’s some more good news. 🙂

    More good news. I don’t have to worry about being in charge of this crazy world either. God’s got it. That’s good news. The phrase “good news” has become a cliche in Christian circles that deserves to be reexamined from time to time. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for being you! Proud of you!

  2. Kitti Cornell says:

    Lyndsey..I continue to love that God speaks to my heart about something and then I hear or read something that encourages that very thing. I thought this blog would be about Kate so when you sent the link…I went right to it! Instead I was amazed & blessed… I just had a door open yesterday to share the “good news” with a young lady I work with. I, of course, was worried about crying as I talked to her, worried that I would not explain it perfectly and uncertain of what part of the good news would touch her the most. It is scary sometimes & there is so much we want others to know! I know my inadequacy all too well. I began to pray for the Holy Spirit to give me the best words for her, the parts of the good news that would draw her to Him & even though I did tear up (shocker) I told her much of what you described & I am sure…the Lord gave me what best spoke to her heart, as only He would know. Your words of what the good news means to you will help me as I continue to share more of all that His love thanks so much. I love you – Kitti

  3. unclerick says:

    Watching Kate’s video brought back so many memories and some regrets. When I was at your point in parenthood (although I was 15+ years older), I was consumed by the fears and worries of the world. I didn’t know about the importance of leaving it all to Jesus – until I found myself in a position where Jesus was the only Solution. The Good News is the Cornells are on the right track. I know – because I know what the wrong track looks like. Build on your foundation in Christ and enjoy your blessings. Parenthood is but a blink of the eye.

  4. lyndseycornell says:

    Thanks So much for all of your all’s input. It’s great to hear what God is doing in others. Love you all!

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