Demo Day

They brought the big stuff. Bob cats and chain saws. Dump trucks and cranes. A crew of guys.


That’s what our yard requires.

I love this place…our new home where we have an acre and a half for the kids to roam and explore, run and play.

But to make this yard all we dreamed of, it required an absolute haul-out. Dead trees, clusters of over-grown ferns and tangled messes of weeds and bushes covered the space. For years this beautiful piece of land lay neglected. No one tended to the weeds, the tree trimming, the continual upkeep to keep the yard the oasis it was originally intended to be.


And before our new plans could start, the disorder needed removed. Before new sod, new grass, new flowers and bushes could be planted we had to get rid of all the junk.

When we currently look out our back patio over the pool, we can’t see our backyard. There is too much obstructing the view. There’s way more behind the mess; more than what meets the eye.


With glee, I’m watching these guys rip up decking and saw down trees. I can see so much more of our yard now. And as I watch, the Lord gently reminds me of the season He has me in.


It’s been demo day in my heart. He’s taking out the dead stuff, the tangled mess that obstructs the view of what could be. He’s got dreams for this heart of mine. But He’s got to do some demolition.

He is revealing the roots. Some are deep and it’s a struggle to pull them out completely. Others are shallow but long and entangled with other weeds. But before the new ground is laid, they all have to be eliminated.

It’s taken time. I’ve had to be patient, following each gentle push as He leads. I’m doing the hard work with Him as He shows me the places that need the most care, the spaces of my heart that have been neglected for years.

He’s been tender with this process.

Chaos into beauty.

Disarray into order.

In Isaiah 60:21 He says we are, “the branch of His planting and the work of His hands.” And in 1 Corinthians 3:9, “We are God’s fellow workers, you are God’s field (literal translation: cultivated land, God’s building.”

That was always His plan. He cultivates. He grows. He nurtures. He is the Creator and He longs to do that with His creation. He has plans for the soil of our heart. Let Him do His work; His demo is worth it. The work, the pain, the time: it’s worth the fruition of His plans. 

And just like me, our yard is still a work in process. There’s still some mess, we’re waiting on pavers and we’ve got some weeding and clean up to do. But doesn’t it feel lighter already? Look at all the new space to run. It’s gonna be fun playing in this new yard of ours for years to come.




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