Me too.

I realize the people’s presence I enjoy most are the people who I feel most me around. I don’t care how much you know or how impressive your talents are. I just want to know that you like me for me. That you see the beauty in who God made me to be. Instead of fixing me, you just say, “me too.”

That’s who I want to be. I don’t need people to know how much I know. I don’t need them to think I’m impressive. I don’t need to show off my talents. I just need to show them how much I like them. That I see the beauty in exactly who God made them to be. And that I can look at them with all sincerity and just say, “me too.”

3 thoughts on “Me too.

    • lyndseycornell says:

      Just saw this! Miss you B! Did you know Andrew and I are doing Lifework Leadership together this year? We love it so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

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